Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. --John Lennon

Found the quote while I was still enjoying my 'Beatles' phase.. finally making this bucket list that I've been planning for ages.. I have a feeling this is going to be one ever-expanding list!
  1. Complete a 365 day project
  2. Perform in a musical ✔
  3. Travel to a Tibetan Monastery
  4. Stand Beneath a Natural Waterfall ✔
  5. Backpack through Europe
  6. Own a cupcake bakery/ confectionary/cafe
  7. Go camping on a beach ✔
  8. Sleep in a castle
  9. Write reviews for a Magazine
  10. Go white water rafting ✔
  11. Go Snorkling ✔
  12. See the "Wonders of the World"
  13. Ride an elephant ✔
  14. Go to a concert
  15. Meet a celeb & take a picture with them
  16. Learn a foreign language
  17. Get a photo published in National Geographic
  18. Appear in the newspaper ✔
  19. Bungee Jump ✔
  20. Run 5Km
  21. Be part of a flashmob
  22. Watch a sport/match live ✔
  23. Carve a halloween pumpkin 
  24. See the midnight sun 
  25. ride on a rollercoaster ✔
  26. Visit a tarot reader/ medium/ psychic
  27. Get a massage ✔
  28. Learn to crochet
  29. Parasailing ✔
  30. see a double rainbow ✔
  31. Learn the melbourne shuffle
  32. Send a message in a bottle
  33. Own a house
  34. write/illustrate a children's book
  35. Walk on the great wall of china
  36. visit the Alhambra
  37. Watch a play in London ✔
  38. Go on an african safari
  39. have brownies in Amsterdam
  40. Go on a road trip ✔
  41. See the pyramids
  42. Live on the beach for a month
  43. Travel in a ship ✔
  44. Breakfast buffet at The Ritz ✔
  45. Spend NYE partying ✔
  46. See shooting stars
  47. Travel in a cable car ✔
  48. Visit the Greek Islands
  49. Sip coffee and eat a croissant at a cafe in Paris
  50. Explore S. America
  51. Make handmade paper at home ✔
  52. View sunrise over a mosque in Istanbul
  53. Qualify to teach yoga 
  54. Take a picture in front of the St. Basils Cathedral, Moscow
  55. Go to a foam party ✔
  56. Release a Chinese lantern
  57. Write a letter to the editor ✔
  58. Attend a mad hatter tea party
  59. Stay in a hotel room with an infinity pool
  60. Search for Nessie ✔
  61. Paint a picture worthy of display
  62. Learn to make amazing cupcakes or chocolate truffles or souffle
  63. Fly with the green fairy ✔
  64. Read atleast 50 books a year
  65. Fly first class ✔
  66. Wear a fancy hat/big sunglasses and watch a polo match in Jaipur
  67. Experience a white Christmas 
  68. Teach art at a primary/secondary school for 6 months
  69. Win an award at the Cannes Design Lions
  70. Visit the beaches of Bali
  71. See the Himalayas
  72. Go to a midnight market ✔
  73. Go on a seaplane ✔
  74. Go on a pilgrimage around the holy cities of India
  75. Donate towards a cause and make sure the donation has a positive impact on society
  76. Own a marketing/design agency 
  77. take a family holiday atleast once a year
  78. See the Statue of Liberty/ Golden Gate Bridge/ UN HQ✔
  79. Live in another country for a year ✔
  80. See the Buckingham Palace/ London Bridge✔
  81. Learn to play a musical instrument
  82. Buy a Chanel bag
  83. Ice skate ✔
  84. visit a ranch
  85. pick strawberries at a berry farm
  86. Fy a kite ✔
  87. Own 100 pairs of shoes
  88. Swim in the dead sea
  89. Save someones life
  90. Graduate with a masters degree ✔
  91. Laugh until I cry ✔
  92. Find my doppelganger
  93. Bury a time capsule
  94. Help build a house for habitat for humanity✔
  95. Be a part of a secret society
  96. Plant a tree
  97. Fight old age with humor and grace
  98. Get married 
  99. Spend sometime & tell some people how much I really appreciate them
  100. Make a will of certain things that would mean something to whoever was on it


evey said...

awesome list. I recently compiled a 101 in 1001 days list. It feels really good to have a list of goals. I wish you much strength and luck with yous.

I look forward to reading your blog. Feel free to check out mine.

-- eveyinorbit via swapbot

patricias fabric art said...

boy!! some list- hope you achieve some of it!! I would hate to do this'cos I'd look back and see I probably had done none of it!!.I'm following you from s.b.(blackbird 4)