Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Gossip Girls closet

Recently, I got asked about which television characters inspire me fashion-wise. While I sometimes indulge in episodes of various shows on the idiot box, I have to say, fashion-wise, The Gossip Girls have got to be the most well-dressed characters on TV. With almost ever girl wanting to dress like Blair or Serena,  stylist Eric Daman has created a fashion phenomenon via Gossip Girls. Mixing high end lines with names like H&M, Forever 21, Top shop.. the Gossip Girls' closet is both aspirational as well as approachable. Here are some of my favorite looks...

Nannette Lepore/ Chanel
Trina Turk/ Marc by Marc Jacobs

Nannette Lepoer/ Joie/ Gryphon/ Chanel

Jenny Packham/ Valentino
J Mendel
Zuhair Murad
Kaufman Fanco/ Cuff: MCL
Balmian/ Necklace: Noir
Milly/ Bensoni
Oscar De La Renta/ Swarvoski
Hugo Boss/ BCBG/ Marchesa
Maxine Simoens
Oscar De La Renta
Jenny Peckham
Emilio Pucci/ Tibi
Jenny Peckham SS 2011
Chanel Resort 2011
Rachel Gibert Levi
J. Mendel

Carolina Herrera
Joe Luciana/ Free People/ Fendi/ Prada pumps

Chanel/ Adam/ Barneys/ Jimmy Choo


Top Shop/ Whitley Kros Vista

Jos. A. Bank
Thakoon/ Christian Loboutin
Victoria Beckham/ Hermes
Herve Leger/ Monolo Blahnik
Chanel/ Christian Loboutin
Marc Jacobs
Stella McCartney
Nannette Lepore/ Moschino

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Calm down, you can still marry Harry

So.. Her Majesty has invited me to the Royal Wedding.. except they've seated me so far behind (next to Aishwarya and Abhishek) Im practically in India! None-the-less, I will be wearing a fancy hat, having a cup of tea, maybe a cupcake as well and watching Will and Kate on the telly... here's wishing them a long and happy marriage  (insert curtsey here).

Wish I was closer to London to see all the pomp and ceremony.. anyway.. the Royal Wedding souvenirs I've been seeing online are ridiculous.. just how much crap can one souvenir shop hold?! Have they gone a bit crazy cashing in on the Wedding? Possibly.. but I do love some bits of the Royal ridiculousness...I intend to get the following souvenirs asap. What are your favorite silly souvenirs?

On a related note, I'd switch to T-mobile just for their marketing. They've restored my faith in peace and humanity :)  Here's their latest video:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. --John Lennon

Found the quote while I was still enjoying my 'Beatles' phase.. finally making this bucket list that I've been planning for ages.. I have a feeling this is going to be one ever-expanding list!
  1. Complete a 365 day project
  2. Perform in a musical ✔
  3. Travel to a Tibetan Monastery
  4. Stand Beneath a Natural Waterfall ✔
  5. Backpack through Europe
  6. Own a cupcake bakery/ confectionary/cafe
  7. Go camping on a beach ✔
  8. Sleep in a castle
  9. Write reviews for a Magazine
  10. Go white water rafting ✔
  11. Go Snorkling ✔
  12. See the "Wonders of the World"
  13. Ride an elephant ✔
  14. Go to a concert
  15. Meet a celeb & take a picture with them
  16. Learn a foreign language
  17. Get a photo published in National Geographic
  18. Appear in the newspaper ✔
  19. Bungee Jump ✔
  20. Run 5Km
  21. Be part of a flashmob
  22. Watch a sport/match live ✔
  23. Carve a halloween pumpkin 
  24. See the midnight sun 
  25. ride on a rollercoaster ✔
  26. Visit a tarot reader/ medium/ psychic
  27. Get a massage ✔
  28. Learn to crochet
  29. Parasailing ✔
  30. see a double rainbow ✔
  31. Learn the melbourne shuffle
  32. Send a message in a bottle
  33. Own a house
  34. write/illustrate a children's book
  35. Walk on the great wall of china
  36. visit the Alhambra
  37. Watch a play in London ✔
  38. Go on an african safari
  39. have brownies in Amsterdam
  40. Go on a road trip ✔
  41. See the pyramids
  42. Live on the beach for a month
  43. Travel in a ship ✔
  44. Breakfast buffet at The Ritz ✔
  45. Spend NYE partying ✔
  46. See shooting stars
  47. Travel in a cable car ✔
  48. Visit the Greek Islands
  49. Sip coffee and eat a croissant at a cafe in Paris
  50. Explore S. America
  51. Make handmade paper at home ✔
  52. View sunrise over a mosque in Istanbul
  53. Qualify to teach yoga 
  54. Take a picture in front of the St. Basils Cathedral, Moscow
  55. Go to a foam party ✔
  56. Release a Chinese lantern
  57. Write a letter to the editor ✔
  58. Attend a mad hatter tea party
  59. Stay in a hotel room with an infinity pool
  60. Search for Nessie ✔
  61. Paint a picture worthy of display
  62. Learn to make amazing cupcakes or chocolate truffles or souffle
  63. Fly with the green fairy ✔
  64. Read atleast 50 books a year
  65. Fly first class ✔
  66. Wear a fancy hat/big sunglasses and watch a polo match in Jaipur
  67. Experience a white Christmas 
  68. Teach art at a primary/secondary school for 6 months
  69. Win an award at the Cannes Design Lions
  70. Visit the beaches of Bali
  71. See the Himalayas
  72. Go to a midnight market ✔
  73. Go on a seaplane ✔
  74. Go on a pilgrimage around the holy cities of India
  75. Donate towards a cause and make sure the donation has a positive impact on society
  76. Own a marketing/design agency 
  77. take a family holiday atleast once a year
  78. See the Statue of Liberty/ Golden Gate Bridge/ UN HQ✔
  79. Live in another country for a year ✔
  80. See the Buckingham Palace/ London Bridge✔
  81. Learn to play a musical instrument
  82. Buy a Chanel bag
  83. Ice skate ✔
  84. visit a ranch
  85. pick strawberries at a berry farm
  86. Fy a kite ✔
  87. Own 100 pairs of shoes
  88. Swim in the dead sea
  89. Save someones life
  90. Graduate with a masters degree ✔
  91. Laugh until I cry ✔
  92. Find my doppelganger
  93. Bury a time capsule
  94. Help build a house for habitat for humanity✔
  95. Be a part of a secret society
  96. Plant a tree
  97. Fight old age with humor and grace
  98. Get married 
  99. Spend sometime & tell some people how much I really appreciate them
  100. Make a will of certain things that would mean something to whoever was on it